Introduction: By Col. G. Kumar

At the very outset my sincere thanks to my childhood buddy and classmate, the good doc, Prabhakar Swaroop, who has given me the confidence and opportunity to pen down my thoughts on this very interesting and relevant topic of the sheer joy of being a vegetarian.


Being a veteran of the Indian army I have indeed faced the challenges of the service not only related to combat operations but also very many times on the logistics front of feeding the troops in adverse conditions. After all, didn’t the famous French general Napoleon rightly say “An army marches on its stomach”


My being a vegetarian, to be honest, was simply due to my being born in a family of vegetarians. My being an army man, as a matter of honour was a choice of arms I preferred over a few other jobs I got as a fresh graduate some three decades or so ago. But remaining a vegetarian throughout my life, despite the many opportunities in service and dare I say even compulsion for sheer survival has been indeed a conscious decision I took never to regret.


By and by I shall keep sharing my two cents, I mean my thoughts, for whatever it’s worth as I am a diehard and staunch advocate for going veg. Just like that famous jingle of a soft drink called 7up: just cool and light and easy. More of it in my next flow of thoughts


Au revoir


Jai Hind



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