Why we started this blog

Bvegetarian blog

This is a blog where we share our thoughts, experiences, and recipes for vegetarian cooking.

We know each other since we have been 5 years old and now we are in our early 50s.

Prabhakar became a gastroenterologist, and trained at Harvard while Kumar went on to have a glorious career in the Indian army and retired as a colonel!

Despite an explosion of cooking shows and fancy ingredients, unfortunately, home cooking has not seen a resurgence.

Stoves are getting fancier, ovens are getting artificial intelligence, and toasters surf the web but the overall health of the public is not getting better.

One easy way to get to and keep healthy is to start cooking vegetarian meals at home!

No one needs a thousand recipes or a hundred recipes if we master the basics of cooking which include selection, prepping, and applying appropriate cooking methods to bring out the flavors and nutrition.

Traditional foods have a history, they are tried and tested. They have stood the test of time. How can we argue against the simplicity and wholesomeness of rice and beans? Corn tortillas or wheat Rotis paired with beans or dal?

TV shows have made us believe that unless the food is gourmet it’s not worth eating. Simple foods are often the best.

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